Committed to making things better for our staff, the environment and you, the customer


Here at Norbord (the company that produces ContiBoard), our core values revolve around trust, excellence and a commitment to you, our customers. These values contribute to our claim that Norbord ‘Make it Better’. Better by Nature explains the various ways in which we live up to that claim.


It comes down to our whole attitude to what we do

It’s simply in our nature to want to do things better. Whether it’s looking after our people, or the quality of our products and customer service, we think it’s always possible to strive for better. This is especially true when it comes to the environment, and in particular, the protection of our native forests.


We go beyond ‘just getting the job done’

We think that if something is in one’s nature, it means going beyond simply getting the job done, it’s about true passion and belief in what you do. The following examples are some of the ways in which we endeavor to be better, by our very nature.


Intelligent distribution systems

We cleverly operate our distribution to ensure we cut down on lorry miles. We never send out lorries half full, and both outbound and inbound journeys optimize lorry capacity. Plus, our lorries are specially adapted to bring in raw material and send out finished goods, saving around 265,000 transport miles a year.


Health and safety with real results

Through the continued efforts of our workforce, our Accidents Zero Tolerance initiative has reduced our safety incidences by 56% over the last 5 years. In order to be better, we continue to work towards an accident free working environment.


A good neighbour to local communities

We contribute to local causes, helping in practical ways wherever possible. We donate materials and advice to diverse groups, anything from theatres to schools, sports teams to charities, and even hobby makers.


At the forefront of environmental best practices

ISO 14001: 2004 Accreditation

ContiBoard is produced at our South Molton site, which has adopted best environmental practices for many years, first working with the Soil Association in early 1992.


In 2000, the site committed to working within the requirements of ISO 14001, an accreditation that specifies the criteria for an environmental management system. ISO 14001 applies to the environmental aspects that we have control over, and over those that we can be expected to have an influence.


We’re proud to say that as a result, Norbord South Molton became the first board production plant in the UK to achieve the certification, and all of our plants now possess ISO 14001.


Forestry Stewardship Council® (FSC)

In 1999, Norbord South Molton became the first UK board manufacturer to obtain FSC® certification through the Soil Association. This is a great example of how industry and environmental bodies can work together to achieve good and sustainable forestry practice.


What does FSC certification mean for you?

The FSC trademark is a label on timber and wood products that indicates the wood comes from a well-managed forest. It gives you assurance that the forest of origin has been independently inspected and evaluated to comply with an internationally agreed set of strict environmental, social and economic standards.

The accreditation recognises that the woodlands providing the timber not only support sustainable forestry harvesting and replanting programmes, but also support the holistic view of woodland use, taking into account habitats of wildlife and the impact on local people.


As a consumer, the FSC trademark enables you to choose timber (such as ContiBoard) in the confidence that you are not contributing to the destruction of the world’s forests. By buying from a certified source, you provide an incentive in the marketplace for all-round good forestry practice.


Measurable quality systems

BS5750 since 1990

Back in 1990, we implemented a formal quality system to ensure, confirmed via external auditing, that Norbord provide first class customer satisfaction through internal system controls. The standard used then was BS5750.


Updating to BS EN ISO 9001 in 2004

Since then, the standard has been updated a number of times, including a major review in 2004. Significant changes were made giving greater emphasis to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Norbord South Molton successfully achieved the revised standard BS EN ISO 9001: 2004.


The accreditation demonstrates our ability to consistently provide a product that meets customer and regulatory requirements, whilst aiming to enhance your customer satisfaction. It shows we produce and supply a consistent quality product in a controlled way.

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