My Cabinet Guide


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For information on items not supplied by Norbord Ltd, please call B&Q's customer service helpline on
03330 143 098.

1) Product - 625 mm Standard & Tall L Shaped Corner Wall and 925mm Corner Base
Q. The doors don't fit
A. If your doors only have 35mm diameter holes then these doors are hung from the right and left side panels, and a corner post is required.

This is fitted to one of the doors, and only one handle is required. The handle is fitted to the door which doesn't have the post fitted.

If one of your doors has 4 x 35mm diameter holes and the other has 8 x 5mm diameter holes, then the one with the 35mm holes is fitted to either the left or right hand side panel, and using the hinges provided, the door with the 5mm holes is joined to the other door. Only one handle is required - this should be fitted to the door with the 5mm holes.

2) Product - 1000mm Bridging Wall
Q. I haven't got all the components listed on the Assembly Guide.
A. They are in either Hinge Pack J or J+ which needs to be ordered and purchased separately. If you have trade units you will need to purchase hinge packs AA or Z sold separately.

3) Product: Appliance Housing
Q. How do I fit my oven/microwave?
A. Each oven/microwave combination is different and occasionally the housing will need to be adapted by the person fitting the kitchen to accommodate both the oven and the microwave. For additional information on this unit please call B&Q Customer Services on 0333 0143 098.

4) Products: Appliance Housing and Larder Cabinet
Q. My doors don't line up with my fridge/freezer.
A. Establish where the join of the two doors is going to be on the unit. It may be necessary to lift the fridge/freezer up to this point then (i.e. where the doors meet), the spare panels left over from the shelf pack can be used.

5) Product: Drawers
Q. The soft close mechanism isn't working on the drawers.
A. Check that the white soft close systems on the underside of the drawers are facing towards the back of the drawer before fitting.

6) Product: 500mm / 600mm and 800mm Lay On Drawers
Q. My middle/bottom drawer doesn't fit.
A. Establish which is the top drawer by checking the height of the drawer sides. On the 500mm 600mm and 800mm Lay on drawers, the height of the top drawer side is 122mm and the height of the middle and bottom drawer sides is 90mm. It is the bottom two drawers where the drawer extenders are fitted.

1) Product: Corner Conversion
Q. When my corner wardrobe is assembled, the panels on the outside are pear wood, and the holes don't line up.
A. The corner wardrobe needs to be assembled following the Assembly Guide. As shown on the illustration, when completed, the visible end panels are the end panels from the double wardrobe.

2) Product: Wardrobes
Q. Are cover caps provided for wardrobes?
A. Cover caps are not provided for unused holes.